The Bride

Cecilia was born in Stockholm, but has lived in (and travelled to) several countries. Being a diplomat’s daughter, she mostly grew up outside Sweden (in France, Belgium, Tunisia and Brazil) – which gave her a taste for travel and turned her into a true globetrotter. The childhood spent abroad also helped establish strong ties to her beloved family: her parents Staffan (deceased since 2003) and Karin as well as her sisters Helena and Catherine, eleven and eight years older than her (Cecilia is clearly the baby sister!).

Besides exploring the world, Cecilia loves singing – which she gets the chance to do on Tuesday evenings with her choir – and spending time with friends & family. She also very much enjoys exercising, dancing and attending cultural events. She also likes to keep updated on what is happening in politics and on other news in Sweden and around the world.

With a multi-culti childhood spanning several countries, Cecilia picked up a few languages along the way. She’s kept some alive, like Portuguese, while others, like Flemish, are long since forgotten…. Early on in life, French became Cecilia’s second mother tongue. She went to French-speaking schools all the way from maternelle to baccalauréat, lived in French-speaking countries for over fourteen years and still regularly travels back to France.

Upon completing her studies at the Stockholm School of Economics in 2008, Cecilia opted for the (exciting yet hectic) ”modern nomad” lifestyle – aka management consulting… She therefore spent her mid-twenties practically living out of her suitcase, moving from one assignment to the next across Europe, South America and South Africa. Eventually longing to spend more time at home than at airports, she moved on to working in general insurance (actually, a lot more exciting than it sounds like) and to living in Stockholm on a more permanent basis. That was a wise choice as it led her to meet the love of her life!

The Groom

Markus was born in Stockholm but had the great privilege to grow up in Siljansnäs, where the wedding will take place. He was raised by Karin and Per-Olov and has three siblings, SaraJakob and Maja. In contrast to Cecilia, who lived in many places during her childhood, Markus lived in the same house until he graduated from high school. However, only four days after his graduation, he moved to Stockholm and started to work. Since then, he has been living and working in Stockholm, except during his university studies in Växjö.

Markus acquired a taste for travel already during his childhood. Several times, he and his family took the car to explore Europe. In his early twenties, Markus and some friends (both toastmasters were among them) planned their first backpacking trip that took them to Russia, Mongolia and Thailand. Markus has visited more countries since then and is hungry for more travels, just as Cecilia.

Travelling is far from Markus’ only interest. At high school for example, he started to develop an interest in graphic design. This has led him to work for an advertising firm, to run a university newspaper and to work as a graphic designer for several companies, most of them within the financial area. You can now find him in the law industry, working as a graphic designer for a Nordic law firm. Besides graphic design, sports and exercising are two major interests. Markus is, like most of his family, very interested in ice hockey. However, when he was five years old, he started – in his family’s point of view – to root for the wrong team…