Welcome to our wedding on 16 June 2018!

We couldn’t be more excited to embark on this journey together, and we’re all the more thrilled to be sharing this monumental milestone in our lives with family and friends whom we hold dear.

We’ve created this website as a fun and convenient way to keep you informed of the wedding details as well as provide you with helpful information. Please continue to come back for more updates as our wedding date gets closer. We hope you enjoy reading “our stories” and find all of the information you need to prepare for our big day (or rather big days). Indeed, we hope you have an opportunity to plan an extended stay and also join us for our pre-wedding dinner, explore the beautiful Siljan lake area that we love and perhaps even celebrate Swedish Midsummer with us!

We simply cannot wait to get married and to celebrate with you – the countdown is on!


16 January 1985
Cecilia was born in Stockholm, but has lived in (and travelled to) several countries. Being a diplomat’s daughter, she mostly grew up outside Sweden (in France, Belgium, Tunisia and Brazil) – which gave her a taste for travel and turned her into a true globetrotter. The childhood spent abroad also helped establish strong ties to her beloved family: her parents Staffan (deceased since 2003) and Karin as well as her sisters Helena and Catherine, eleven and eight years older than her (Cecilia is clearly the baby sister!). Read more…

The Groom

21 April 1981
Markus was born in Stockholm but had the great privilege to grow up in Siljansnäs, where the wedding will take place. He was raised by Karin and Per-Olov and has three siblings, SaraJakob and Maja. In contrast to Cecilia, who lived in many places during her childhood, Markus lived in the same house until he graduated from high school. However, only four days after his graduation, he moved to Stockholm and started to work. Since then, he has been living and working in Stockholm, except during his university studies in Växjö. Read more…

Our Story

December 2014

Cecilia joins Happy Pancake
She registers on the dating site just before New Year — her first online dating experience ever. The first thing she does on the site is to use the match making test. Markus shows up as her best match. She likes his profile text so much that she hits the like button. Markus responds by sending her a text message starting with “Did you know that a moose can run up to 60 km/h in a pine forest?”. Apparently it worked. Their fourth date is Cecilia’s 30th birthday party where Markus meets many of Cecilia’s friends and family for the first time.

November 2015

First big trip together
Markus joins Cecilia to visit Ida (one of her bridesmaids), Ida’s husband and their son in Ethiopia. During the trip, they experience breathtaking landscapes, amazing historic sites and very friendly people. Some of their most memorable days are spent hiking off the beaten track, sleeping in tents and huts without neither electricity nor running water. The food is great as well, but Markus does get a bit fed up with Injera. After this adventure, Markus and Cecilia go on other exciting trips together, including Alaska, Canada and Japan.

February 2016

Conquering Vasaloppet together
Markus and Cecilia decide to take on one of the biggest cross-country skiing challenges there is in the world. Vasaloppet is a 90 km long race that goes from Sälen to Mora in Dalarna. They finish together just shy under 12 hours. Besides Vasalopppet, they have completed several other races together.

November 2016

Moving in together
Markus and Cecilia decide to move in together. They find the perfect apartment in Vasastan, even though it is located outside Cecilia’s initial search area (a very narrow part of Kungsholmen). They are more than happy to welcome visitors, and they both love their new neighbourhood.

June 2017

Getting engaged
Markus and Cecilia attend Cecilia’s cousin’s beautiful wedding in Öregrund. The next morning, they get engaged and surprise Cecilia’s family at breakfast with the big news. In the evening, Markus and Cecilia celebrate their engagement by toasting in plenty of champagne and eating a romantic dinner together.

The Wedding

Below you will find the important times and locations for our big day. But there is more than this one day. We would love if you joined us for a pre-wedding dinner the day before, a breakfast the day after and maybe also celebrate Midsummer with us the following weekend. A handy schedule for all this can be found here.


@ 3:00 PM
The ceremony will be held at Siljansnäs kyrka found at Prästbacken 1, 793 60 Siljansnäs. Don’t be late!

The Dinner & Party

@ 5:00 PM
The reception, dinner and party will be held at Tibble bystuga, found at Tibble Båthusvägen, 793 36 Leksand.


Where to be
All the venue locations with maps and addresses can be found here.

icon-bridemaids Our “I Do” Crew 

Lova Unge

Lova and Cecilia’s friendship started during a choir trip to Italy, when Cecilia got off the dance floor onto a table top. They both share a passion for singing, exercising and South America.

Lovisa Galiotos

Lovisa and Cecilia met at university, while frenetically studying for exams together with their friend Maja in her apartment. Besides a common addiction to P1 (radio station), they are both big fans of culture, travel, languages and public debate.

Ida Marstein

Ida is a Norwegian friend of Cecilia, although the two speak French together. Le duo scandinave met during an exchange in Paris, where they both studied political science and rugby.

Martha Seillier

Martha is Cecilia’s French-Brazilian friend from their joint baccalauréat year in Brasilia. They get mistaken for sisters and do their best to catch up in disparate places like Thailand, New York and Barcelona.

Anders Thuresson

Anders and Markus have been friends since they were kids. They grew up in Siljansnäs living a few houses away from each other. Anders knows his amperes, ohms and volts. He is also a very good felt-tip pen fighter.

Henrik Sandin

Henrik and Markus have also known each other since they were kids. Henrik is a real handyman and is a former player in Sweden’s national baseball team. He is also afraid of flying. Maybe that’s why he has problems pronouncing the Swedish word for “higher”.

Johan Staaf

Johan and Markus didn’t really get to know each other until high school. They share a common interest in graphic design. However, music is definitely an even bigger interest in Johan’s case. In the summer, Johan can be seen cruising in his boat on lake Siljan.

Fredrik Kylberg

Fredrik and his wife Linnéa are Markus and Cecilia’s neighbours. Fredrik also happens to come from Siljansnäs and is one of Markus brother’s best friends. Fredrik is an expert in window cleaning, padel and fixed income management.


15 June

7:00 PM
Pre-wedding dinner with all of you who want to join us. See more information here.

16 June

2:00 PM
Strongly recommended departure time from Tällberg by private car.

3:00 PM 
Wedding ceremony at Siljansnäs kyrka. Don’t be late! 

Approx 5:00 PM 
Drinks & mingle at Tibble bystuga. We’ll be outside, hence bring another layer if the weather is cold.

Approx 6:30 PM 
Fabulous food, fun and festivities at Tibble bystuga.

Once your feet are really tired & sore from all the dancing
Bus transportation back to Tällberg (three departure times). See more information here.

See the location of the venues here

17 June

10:00 AM 
Breakfast together at Green Hotel. For those of you who stay at the hotel, breakfast is included (see accommodation options). For those of you who stay elsewhere in the area, breakfast costs 150 SEK.

If you do not stay at Green Hotel, please indicate in your reply whether you will be joining us for breakfast.

18-20 June

If you have the time (we hope so), stay in the region and experience Dalarna. See here for some suggestions of activities.

21-23 June

Join us again, for traditional Midsummer celebration. See more information here.

Travel & Venues

The wedding festivities will take place in Siljansnäs and its surroundings, which are located in the heart of Dalarna.

Dalarna is often called “Sweden in miniature” because much of the imagery of Sweden comes from Dalarna; a pretty red-coloured cottage by a glittering lake. In a forest glade lit by the evening sun, people in brightly coloured folk costumes dance and swirl in celebration of Midsummer. All very Swedish. All very Dalarna.

Getting there

Siljansnäs is about 300 km northwest of Stockholm. There are several options to get there.


We highly recommend this option since you can then freely explore the surrounding areas. Especially if you stay for a couple of days. For those of you who come in from abroad, you can easily rent a car at the airport.


1st alternative
This is also a viable option, especially if you are leaving from Stockholm. If you are flying into Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you can take the train directly from there. Siljansnäs itself does not have a train stop. Depending on where your accommodation will be, we recommend you to get off the train in either Leksand or Tällberg. Book tickets with SJ.


2nd alternative
This is another option. Bus could be cheaper than train, but it will only take you to Leksand. If your accommodation is in Tällberg (which we recommend), we would advise you to go by car or by train. Also, not all buses go via Stockholm Arlanda Airport. If you want to take the bus, you can book either with Swebus or Masexpressen.

Location of The Venues

Wedding Ceremony at
Siljansnäs kyrka

The ceremony takes place in the groom’s hometown at Siljansnäs kyrka, Prästbacken 1, 793 60 Siljansnäs.

Dinner and Party at
Tibble bystuga

Dinner and party at Tibble bystuga, .

Stay in

We recommend that you stay in Tällberg. Preferably at Green Hotel where we will stay. See more information here.


We have reserved hotel rooms in Tällberg at Green Hotel and First Hotel Tällberg. We will stay at Green Hotel and would love you to stay there as well (on a “first come, first served” basis). Please reserve your room directly with the hotel by 31 January (reference the Åberg-Norling wedding) – after this date, reserved rooms will be released. For contact details, please see below.


Ovabacksgattu 17, 793 70 Tällberg
Tel: +46 247-500 00


1st alternative
Tällbergsvägen 28, 79370 Tällberg
Tel: +46 247-512 00

Other Accommodation Options

There are several accommodation options in and around Siljansnäs, Leksand and Tällberg. We would recommend you to stay at the suggested hotels above, but here are some other options that you could consider:

Siljansnäs Hotell (site in Swedish) | MoskogenHotel Leksand (site in Swedish) | KorstäppanHotel Siljanstrand (site in Swedish) | KlockargårdenDalecarliaTällbergsgårdenVilla LångbersÅkerblads (site in Swedish) | Airbnb


Pre-wedding dinner

We will kick off the wedding weekend with a casual dinner on Friday 15 June. We would be very happy if you could join us. The dinner will start at 7 pm at Green Hotel and will cost 400 SEK. The menu is a set of a starter, a main and coffee/tea.


Starter: Raw spiced salmon on rye bread with a mustard sauce and lemon

Main: Deer with gravy on herbs and fried potatoes


Price: 400 SEK

Venue and time: 7 pm at Green Hotel, Tällberg

Dress code: Smart casual. Think a bit dressier than jeans but otherwise casual.


Children are very welcome to attend the wedding ceremony but we would like to keep the reception an adults-only celebration. Babies being breastfed are of course welcome.

Notification of Speeches, etc.

Contact our toastmasters Johan Staaf (+46 762 275 725) or Fredrik Kylberg (+46 702 068 394) by phone or by e-mail to tm.ceciliamarkus@gmail.com.


Your presence is all that we wish for. We mean it. If you wish to give us something regardless, then we would be more than grateful to receive a small contribution towards our honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand this winter. If you want to do that, here are our honeymoon account details:

Bank: Nordea
Account no: 3001 29 32272
IBAN: SE2830000000030012932272

Dress Code

Semi-formal (festligt och fint). Wondering what we mean by that? Semi-formal attire is basically an outfit that is dressier than what you’d wear to an important business meeting, but not as dressy as a formal evening gown or tuxedo. Think a nice suit (of either a lighter or darker colour) and a tie for men, while a cocktail dress or a dressy suit is appropriate for women.

If you have a “folkdräkt”, please feel free to wear it.

Transportation after the party

Once you’ve danced until you drop, a bus will be waiting for you outside Tibble bystuga to take you back safely and comfortably to Tällberg. Choose from the following three departures: 01:00 AM, 02:15 AM and 03:30 AM. Do NOT drive your private car after drinking alcohol during the evening festivities. Leave it parked outside Tibble bystuga until next day. We will arrange transportation back to Tibble bystuga on Sunday (after the breakfast at Green Hotel) in order for the drivers to be able to pick up their cars.

About Siljansnäs

Siljansnäs is the village where the groom grew up. The village is located on a larger peninsula in the southern part of Lake Siljan, in the western part of Leksand municipality. Siljansnäs consists of several smaller villages. Näsbyggebyn, Backbyn, Hallen, Björken, Hjulbäck, Fornby, Alvik and Almo are the largest of these villages. The name Siljansnäs refers to the large peninsula in Siljan where the main part of Siljansnäs is located. The church in Siljansnäs was built between 1868-1875 and is located between the villages Björken and Hallen. The area around the church is also the village centre of Siljansnäs.

Read more about Siljansnäs here (in Swedish) and look at the video below for some nice views from Siljansnäs’ highest point on top of Björkberget.

About Tibble

Tibble is located just outside Leksand between Dalälven and Tibbleberget. The village is considered to be one of the oldest villages in Leksand, with permanent settlements, probably since the early Iron Age. Tibble is already mentioned in written sources in 1325 and currently has about 375 inhabitants as well as a number of holiday homes. In 1946, the groom’s father was born here.

Read more about Tibble here (in Swedish).

About Tällberg

Tällberg is a village located along the southeast shore of Lake Siljan in the northern part of Leksand’s municipality. Tällberg is one of the most well-known tourist resorts in Sweden, with about a quarter of a million visitors per year. All homes and buildings are built traditionally out of wood and in which the majority are made of timber frames. Tällberg has approximately 200 year round inhabitants and 400 seasonal residents that visit their leisure homes, especially during the summer months. In spite of this small population, there are eight working hotels.

Read more about Tällberg here.

What to do in the area

If you’re staying for a while longer in the area there are plenty of things to do in the surroundings. Why not visit the place where Dalahorses are made in Nusnäs or experience the breathtaking views from Gesundaberget. If you like some action-packed activities you can try downhill, also at Gesundaberget, or maybe toboggan (SWE: rodel) in Rättvik. For art lovers the Zorn museum is a must visit and maybe also the home of Carl Larsson. There are of course many other things to do. Have a look at either TripAdvisor or Visit Dalarna to get some more tips.

Celebrate Midsummer with us

Join us again the weekend after our wedding and celebrate Midsummer with us. Midsummer Eve (main day of festivities) occurs on Friday 22 June, but in Siljansnäs celebrations start already on Thursday evening 21 June. We will be in Siljansnäs from Thursday 21 June and would love if you could come and experience this iconic Swedish holiday together with us. For those of you who don’t know what Midsummer is (what’s all the fuss about?), here’s a video that explains it all:

Midsummer accommodation
For this weekend, we recommend you to stay in Siljansnäs if possible. There are some options: 
Siljansnäs camping
 (site in Swedish) | Siljansnäs Hotell (site in Swedish) | Airbnb

Remember that this holiday is very popular so please book far in advance.

Kindly reply

By 30 March to rsvp.ceciliamarkus@gmail.com. Please remember to indicate any special dietary requirements and whether you will attend the Friday dinner and the Sunday breakfast.